September 25, 2010

Perfecting the Fine Art of Procrastination

I have spent the majority of the past two weeks accomplishing nothing substantial at all.  Yes, my family is fed and clothed...clean even.  I have well ordered lists in lovely little notebooks that spell out various projects, goals, do dads and thing a ma jigs that need my attention before we tear September from the calendar.  To date, I have done squat.  In fact, I don't even know where my lists are.  Hey, there's the answer...just throw the darn lists away!  If no list exists, then are there really projects to be done?  My dear sister tells me I need some down time.  Oh piffle!!  Truth be known...I just plain do not want to do A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

Why do we procrastinate and put off things that will make us feel better?  I know there will be a payoff of satisfaction when I can tick some item off a list, but still I do not do it.  I tell myself I am having a mental health break, but come on...just how healthy can one get?  I love the occasional cave day, you know, the one where we hunker down in our Pj's and play hooky from the world.  But two weeks seems a little excessive.  For the last fourteen days I have chastised myself for not meeting my own expectations, yet would be the first one to tell my loved ones to chill out and cut themselves some slack.  Too bad I don't listen to myself!

If things are left unattended to, they can become bigger problems down the road...apparently I'm okay with that!  However, I do know the whys and where fors of my inaction these past weeks and I also know that any day now I will jump back into the game.  You see, I am a consumate caretaker with dozens of irons in dozens of fires.  I fly through day after day, until one day I just shut down the systems.  Usually, a day or two tinkering with sewing or crafts will suffice, but apparently this shop maintenance was more extensive. 

Now I have even more things to add to the dreaded lists.  The hurrier I go,, the behinder I get!  How about you?  Do you procrastinate until you can no longer stand yourself?  Or do you just soldier on?  Do you also have lists that haunt you in your sleep?

September 9, 2010

Are You Half Full Or Half Empty

No, not that! Are you the kind of person who views the glass with eternal optimism seeing it as half full? With pessimism, seeing the half emptiness? Can you see the glass at all? Do you really care? For me, I tend to stand with the half fullers.  I've often been called Pollyanna riding the little train that could, wanting to believe the best even when the odds are stacked against me.  I blindly forge ahead with confidence, believing I can do one thing or another, rarely referring to directions or instructions, just plowing onward with a hands on approach until I realize I've just shot myself in the foot! 

My little computer caper is still ongoing, but we've reached an accord for the moment, since I discovered the on-screen keyboard feature which allows me to fill in the keys that have crapped out.  I really have no idea how I found this lovely thing, but it sure is cool!  I bundled my little buddy off to see the geeks the other day, only to learn it's too old to invest a lot of moola in (for God's sake, it's only 4 years old people!!)  So, not one to be denied, I went online and googled how to fix the sticky keys myself!  Hmmph, I'll figure this out yet!  I suppose, however, I must take a more serious approach to this and set up a good work space on the table to contain the keys once I remove them from said keyboard...slippery little buggers!  They fly under things with the least provocation.  Mind you, I have several other computers, but this is now a challenge since it waved the red flag before this bull-headed woman!  We shall see!  Stay tuned, who knows, I may blow myself up!  (Yes, I do know enough to unplug the power cord and remove the battery and no, I do not play with matches or run with scissors.)  Raise a glass in my direction and wish me luck!  

September 1, 2010

Can You Spell S-T-U-P-I-D?

This probably isn't going to end well, but last night I did one of those incredibly stupid things that makes me want to whack myself upside the head and scream a lot! Oh wait a minute, I did! In recreating the event, I play it over and over in my mind, s-l-o-w-l-y, like watching a train wreck* (Let's play a little game and pretend that the cute little asterisks are really periods shall we?)

You see, despite what you may have been told, laptops, dogs and beverages do NOT play well together* The incident happened so fast, I still really don't know how* The computer was on the chair I had temporarily vacated, the dog was anxious to find the closest open door and I was returning from the kitchen with a FULL glass of milk in hand* Are you seeing where this is going? Yeah, it went there* Somehow dog and I collided and the milk poured over the chair back ONTO THE LAPTOP!! Dead on!

I vaulted over the dog and yanked the power cord from the wall, poured milk from the computer onto the carpet and watched in horror as the screen slowly drowned, the images bleeding and flowing into themselves* I tried mouth to modem, towels, cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol, anything to save my little buddy* The keyboard momentarily glowed brighter than usual as I held it in my arms and begged it not to leave me, but it just sat there, lifeless-then lights out* My heart was breaking and I took to my bed for the night, riddled with angst and guilt! And really, really pissed off!

In the light of day, I hesitantly approached its' pathetic, lifeless body lying there on the dining table and pushed the power button* A flicker? A glow?  Waiting, waiting, waiting, and then it opened its' milk soaked eyes and greeted me! "HELLO" We're still friends! The screen has a strange lacy pattern going on and the PERIOD key is kaput, but it's still alive! We go to see the geeks tomorrow and hopefully a (very expensive!) lesson has been learned* * * *liquids and laptops don't compute!

August 31, 2010

Let's Begin at the Beginning

When I recently declared to my near and dear that I was wading into the techno pond and starting a blog, I was asked if I really needed one. Mind you, this was after I had to explain exactly what a blog is. So, do I NEED a blog? Hmmm...I need air to breathe, food for my belly, shelter from the storm and let's not forget those clothes! So, I guess the answer would be no, I do not need a blog. But I want one! Next question..why? Well, that one's a little tougher, so you wanna tag along and see where this little blog takes me?